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Explaining CPV

CPV stands for Common Procurement Vocabulary. It is a classification mechanism for procurement opportunities that is intended to make it easier for suppliers to find public sector supply opportunities that relate to their products and services.

The classification involves an 8 digit code which works as a hierarchy. For example,

Breaking this code into it's component parts we have:

So in theory, if you want to find all opportunities relating to IT, you would search for opportunities within CPV Division 72. For programming opportunities, search within CPV Group 722 etc. To make it easy, this system allows you to search the description of each CPV code. Hence, rather than searching for opportunities with code 722, you can just type in programming. This system is not case sensitive (i.e. searching for programming will find Programming, PROGRAMMING, PROgramming etc. Worth noting that an opportunity may be listed under several CPV codes.

Full details on CPV codes can be found on the EU simap website at: CPV Codes master list


Figures are in £m (£1m = £1,000,000).