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G-Cloud News - 1 Oct 2017

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Exctied to let you know that we have now incorporated all of the Digital Marketplace procurement frameworks (G-Cloud, Digital Services and Digital Outcomes & Specialists). This has required a fairly fundamental re-work of the Digital Marketplace Spend page (see menu above). Some of the new features are:

We hope you find the new features and data useful.

In summary

It is great to see that Cabinet Office is publishing G-Cloud sales data again after a seven month gap.

It is sad to see that the product information has been removed from the data that has been released. Understanding what public sector organisations are buying is one of the most valuable uses of the data that Cabinet Office releases. The fact that Home Office has spent £350m on something is good to know but not that useful in understanding the opportunity for specific goods or services.

We have noticed some discrepancies in the latest data set when compared with previously released data. The issues look small (~£10m) in relation to the overall scale of G-Cloud (£2.4bn) but we are chasing them down.

The news

Based on the latest data, it looks like G-Cloud spend has peaked and stabilised at just under £250m per quarter. The last three quarters have been £248m, £249m and £244m.

The proportion of spend with Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) has stabilised at about 47%, and has resulted in over £1.1bn of sales to SMEs since G-Cloud was launched in 2012. This is a good result.

G-Cloud Supplier and Buyer growth

Growth in the number of buyers and suppliers has been resiliently positive each month since the launch of the framework, with approx. 20 new buyers and 15 new suppliers being added each month. This is pretty impressive expansion of the use of the G-Cloud framework. We have seen no slowdown in growth.

You can see the trends in growth of suppliers and buyers using the Framework Analysis tab on the G-Cloud Spend page. Note - it may take the Framework Analysis tab a few seconds to load because the page does a lot of number crunching.

Overall G-Cloud framework stats

In our next news release, we will be updating this news format to include more analysis of the new data for both the DOS and Digi Services frameworks.

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